Vicki Vann


 1.   I Will Sing My Song

 2.   Wednesday Kisses

 3.   I Never

 4.   He'll Promise You The Moon

 5.   Here We Go Again

 6.   Another Year Of Love


 7.   Walkin' On The Blue Side

 8.   He Was Leavin' Anyway

 9.   When You Love Somebody

10.  This Wall

 11.  Looking On The Bright Side

 12.  Send Me A Man

 13.  Bonus Track 

 1.   Reckless Heart

 2.   This Is Where I Get Off

 3.   Home

 4.   Chains

 5.   When You're Comin' Down

 6.   White Lies And Picket Fences

 7.   You Must Think My Heart Has Swinging Doors

 8.   A Far Cry From You

 9.   I Won't Settle For Less Than You

10.  Is It Okay To Cry Now

 11.  Heartless

 12.  While You Were Gone

 13.  In The Shadows Of My Steeple 

Reckless Heart